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The Matangi Mandir, built in a green environment, is surrounded by greenery. Standing in the temple, one can see the greenery and beautiful scenes visible to anyone else. Seeing such greenery and bird's eye on Matangi Dham, there is a feeling that in the ancient times, no divine power has existed in direct form, in the form of divine shadows, this place has become so great today and even after so many years even today Exhibition is showing these greenery in the covered airplanes.
             After the creation of the newly constructed temple site in Matungi Dham Jhabua in February 2011, statue of Matangi was established, the program was four days in which Matangi's Patotsava was celebrated in a grand form along with the establishment of Matangi statue. The Matangi Temple, spread over the second square feet, is situated in the very central part of the city. Matangi Mandir is located on Indore Ahmedabad National Highway.

Other Names

मातंगी दर्शन, মাতংজি দর্শন, માટીંગી દર્શન, മടങി ദർശൻ, ਮਟੰਗੀ ਦਰਸ਼ਨ, மங்கங்கி தர்ஷன், మతంగి దర్శన్

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